Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why women raise their sons to be softies

Women warn their daughters that “men only want sex”.

Sons get to hear that “women do not want sex without love” and that “men fall in love through sex; women fall in sex through love”.

In our age this brain wash gets increasingly less counter-balanced by masculine input from the father’s side, and has resulted in an overwhelming number of beta-ized men, who think of sex as a contempable male aggression act that needs to be replaced with cuddle and kisses.

Ironically, it is an increasing number of women who start crying out for help in their frustration with guys who are unable to see behind this cloud of lies and do not understand the very basics of female sexuality.

So, where is all this coming from and why do so many men continue to believe in these myths?

There is a whole series of reasons for this phenomenon - all of which worth a closer look:

- All women get exposed to the same small number of “bad boys” who break their hearts and let them become more cautious. Their image of men as players often gets formed early in their dating lifes when attraction for these alpha males is not counterbalanced with negative connotations through bad experience yet.

- When it comes to marriage, women tend to settle for men they are less sexually attracted to after they went through a bunch of traumatic experiences with these bad boys. Even if they realize their dream of catching and “taming” one of these rogues, they will lose attraction as a result. The danger and excitment is gone, and so is the mind blowing sex. Sex gets dreadful but the derpived husband will demand more and more of it. Hence the mature women’s idea of men constantly wanting and women granting it to kit the relationship.

- Survey find men thinking more about sex than women. Findings such as this have reinforced the popular myth of male sex beasts and asexual females and get cited over and over again when it gets a matter of debate. The truth is that all questionaires on sexual behavior suffer from “social desirability bias”. In other words, women tend to downplay their sexuality and men to overstate it in order to conform to the existing stereotypes (another interesting aspect of sex surveys is that they measure self reflection rather than actual behavior, which is non-surprisingly completely unrelated).

- Women know that the world needs beta-males and that their reproductive strateggy is less risk bearing. A high testosterone son may be more sexy to the next generation of women, but he might also get shot early on in life or end up in prison. But any solid beta male provider will eventually find a frustrated women whose biological clock runs out after having had an endless series of flings with the few available bad boys (who all the other women fucked, too).

- Women need to keep up the illusion of sex being precious and costly to men. Our whole social system would be in danger otherwise. Also, women need to downplay their craving for alpha sperm and extrapair copulations (speak: getting fucked long and hard in every hole by the hot poolboy while the kids are at school and hubby makes the money to pay of the mortgage). Moms have an interest in creating Madonna/Whore syndrome. Her son might get suspicious about his dad otherwise.

- And any mom knows - a true alpha male son would rid himself of his mom’s social conditioning anyway. Men of this caliber learn early on in life not to listen to women when it comes to sex, to take what they want and to replace society’s rules with their own.